Еще об «Инее»

Вот ссылка с сайта Фармани, текст предваряет выложенные 10 роликов победителей 2008 года (в том числе «Иней» Андрея Загидуллина).

These are the winners of the 2008 International Music Video Awards.
Congratulations to the winners of the iMVA’s. Your recognition is well
deserved! The work that you all do is unmatched and the most professional in and beyond it’s class.

Please continue to bless the world with your talent and the iMVA’s will
continue to honor and recognize your work in the creation of music videos
around the globe!

I hope to see some of the winners again in the 2009 International Music
Video Awards and meet you in person at the Gala event.

Please enjoy the hard work of these very talented music video directors.
They are the best of the best! I ask that you take 10mins and drop these
music video creators an email, a view or a comment and congratulate these
hard working directors on their work.

I’m Nick Farmani your host of Hollywood Undaground.

Загидуллина Марина

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